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Termite Prevention - Treatment Project Building Foundations

Termite Prevention - Treatment Project Building Foundations

Termites are wood destroying organisms causing economic damage. They attack all types of wood: Wood construction, wood furnishing and equipment or utensils which are composed of wood or of material containing cellulose.
By means of spread, not digging, non-toxic, does not pollute the environment, long-term warranty.

Termite for housing projects:
Change the graphics of infected focal areas: Concerning the house structural changes so that the relationship can not be separated to attack the house.
Or remove all of the conditions may attract termites attack.

Termite prevention works -Handling foundation works:
Termites are an insect soil causing the most damage to the structure of buildings in the area. Not only due to the material containing cellulose is our food that much damage is the way we create moist inside concrete walls, reduce the life of the construction and materials , utilities, facilities in the building contains.
Their nests are usually set below ground and up above they attack through the crevices between the foundation and the floor, not the footprints of concrete. Therefore, the construction should handle the foundation before building to enhance the longevity of the project after the completion of construction and environmental protection ventilation, no pests attack process and put into use.